Java 10 Compatibility

This project mostly utilizes Java 8 , and according to Oracle, security updates for that version will cease about the time January 2019 arrives.  On March 20, Java 9 reached “End of Life” right as Java 10 freshly came out.  Java 10 will receive security updates for 6 months, more or less.

My experiments mixing Java 10 with the software demo encountered no issues.  From observation only, the loading times in Windows nearly halved, but I gave no attempt to accurately measure results.  Loading times in Linux appeared the same.  My operating systems of choice rely on the OpenJDK from Azul Systems for now.  Also,  Allatori  worked fine.

One of the reasons I chose Java as my programming language of choice involves its excellent “backwards compatibility”.  So far, it holds up well.  I have a couple of documents left to finish for school, so I would like to resume my slow progress with this hobby of mine.  Thanks for reading!

Break Time!

I am trying to finish the last segments of school.  I have one particular project that demands a lot of my personal time now.  As of the time of this posting, I have avoided development on the game for the last 2 weeks or more.  I do have a list of things I look forward to adding, like a background picture, health bars for the bot and Saphirel, and maybe the current form of Sylveria’s music selection.

When I can, I will need to put together a plan.  It is just not going happen immediately.  Thanks for reading!

Cycle 2 – Complete!

A new version of my software is available under “Project Download” across the top.  To summarize my efforts, I focused on cleaning up the “user interface”.  As of this date’s posting, this particular software edition includes the most recent update to Java 8.  I am very satisfied with the results.

Quite the distance still exists for this software game.  I might add some polish, so that the battle sequence goes smoother and longer.  Saphirel’s “Ability Test” buttons still lack much, and they do not affect the battle in any way.  I look forward to the opportunity of changing that item.

This release marks the  completion of Cycle 2.  I will need to gather some information and plan the next point of focus before moving onto Cycle 3.

Recent Progress

It may take a while to flesh out battle sequences.  I feel that emphasis on the GUI, or “Graphical User Interface”, is more important at the moment.  For that reason, I am delaying creation of art and story crucial to the “game”.

I had to revise the system of taking turns.  This should also help me study with the Java OCP certificate.  The new class I switched to goes by “ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor”.  I apologize if the information seems difficult.

For about a year or two, the logic meshing together the battle and GUI stuff co-existed closely.  I achieved great success with dividing the two, and fortunately, more needs dividing.  At the moment though, the explosions still remain with “battle” code.  At least, the pink explosion gets its own button!

I accidentally stumbled across an example for a “loading bar” concept.  It basically shows the progress of how soon the demo will start.  As of this post, it works, and I currently labor to add the notion to Saphirel’s buttons.   They should present an idea of the remaining time left for a button to potentially re-activate.

Finally, Oracle freshly released another Java version.  I wait patiently on Zulu’s next Java edition.  It may take 2 weeks or so.  I expect that my next rendition of the demo should prove available then, under the “Project Download” tab.  The old December 2017 copy stays for now.

Thanks for reading!

Cycle 2 Start

I accidentally “zapped” the blog of the software’s first creation cycle.  As a result, this site experienced some re-work.  I believe that the first cycle emphasized well the template for a character battle.

For Cycle 2 at the moment, the stuff that enables battles to work co-exists too closely with the frame work of LibGDX.  I basically need to separate the two more cleanly, allowing a battle to begin and end properly.  For now, a battle starts immediately when the software executes, and it ends when the software closes.   I am not yet sure how long the task will take, but most of the progress has already been finished.

I also intend on transferring the pink explosion into one of Saphirel’s ability buttons.  Progress will be slow as usual.  Thanks for reading.