Cycle 5 – Complete

It’s been a long road, and there is more to go. I have a working version of the Open ID Connect stuff ready to go. It works fully with Gdx-Pay on the Android side. As of now, I don’t know what to do on the Desktop side for Gdx-Pay, but I believe Google intends to address that near April or such.

I would like to start posting links to my favorite communities. Many of my friends provide encouragement that kept me going through the game development of these past 10 years. The core community I would like to mention is Saving the Game. They are also on Discord, like the LibGDX community. Perhaps one day I shall rejoin the LibGDX Discord community for good.

I will start a Beta soon for my game by invite only. My main place of asking for invites consists of the Saving the Game community. If you prefer not to visit them on Discord, then I will eventually release my first official version on Google Play. I will also shortly announce my own Discord server for my game, Sylveria Software Story, where I will begin with the Beta for opinions and such.

On the good side, Open ID Connect works fully with Spring server software with no issue at all. It operates as a separate entity apart from Google itself, using the ID Token as a password of sorts. My security testing results in no failures as of yet, and the financial platform of Google stays distinctly isolated for security reasons. My design from two years ago works today, although I finished about a month earlier from this posting.

Once my Beta process finishes, I will release the LibGDX version on GitHub in my gpgs-libgdx repository. I want a polished product that others may work with. Of course, it’s open source. Hopefully, once Google finishes on their side, I can get Gdx-Pay working on the Desktop side for LibGDX.

My thanks goes out to the many artists and developers who contribute to LibGDX and whatever games you craft. While I still like to make a fair deal, I would like to take an extra step to thank the 3D artists who participate in my own craft. As such, I will go extra lengths to list the artists who constructed 3D models that I will add to my game in my own way in the future.

Cycle 6 will focus on 3D next. I would like to explore the idea of a fluids system in LibGDX, involving interactive water. I will also update this site in ways, since I lost interest in the features-tracking ability of a certain site that my own site will shortly refuse to use again for reasons related to both un-wanted and un-professional information gathering from them.

Thank you for reading.