Online Updates

I finally can acquire an “ID Token” safely through OAuth 2 when a person logs into Google through the game. The process seems to verify just fine, and no vital information gets revealed to me or others, apart from what a person already may publicly show from their account. The initial plan includes to use Google’s security as a platform for the game. If any financial transactions may occur, it happens through Google.

I need to route the log-in information from the game to a backend server on this web site for the purpose of knowing when a person actually logs into the game. This should open the possibility for multi-player gaming in the future. I possess the basic knowledge of setting up Spring for creating the server software. I already have working code ready to go for a skeleton of sorts, when I begin modifying it. I would like to return to updating the game’s graphics after passing this achievement.

I updated this site, so that it can handle security for the REST architecture. My purpose includes ensuring that all information remains confidential, even if nothing potentially dangerous crosses the Internet. Also, Google requires it for communication between their side and this web site. I start at this point to integrate a bit of REST into the game, so hopefully, the next portion finishes soon. If everything works well, maybe I can share the results of my progress with the LibGDX community.

Thank you for reading.