Basic Integration of Google Play Games Services – Cycle 5

I previously modified an OAuth2 Client for communicating with just Google’s Cloud stuff.  However, I decided to add a software library instead from MrStahlfelge on Github.  His “gdx-gamesvcs” repository basically includes the same client, and it also offers integration with Google Play Games Services.  While I need to focus on saving game progress in the future on my personal web server, using the Google Play Game Services entails my desire to enable Events.  I think this could allow a game a form of occasionally checking in on the status of an online economy.   In going through this avenue with Google, I also do not have to save sensitive passwords on my server.  I plan on requiring a Google account in order to obtain benefits from the online server.

I still push forward in the area of MongoDB.  I have the full code setup for the server software on that end.  I think I need to learn more about the Spring WebFlux version of MVC.  I need to make a structure that will interact with it for the purpose of at least saving game progress.

Decorating the Saphirel and Sylveria models goes extremely slow, because mainly, I give attention to the game code.  I finally acquired a Blender add-on for designing clothes.  In all, I believe I should attend to the eyes, the skeletons, and the clothes for now.  I intend on drawing bots after finishing with that chore.

I debate on how to address fiction within the game.  I believe that J. R. R. Tolkien contributed a lot of his life’s work to his Lord of the Rings series.  If anything, it lead to a modern gaming industry based on some of his imagined world’s lore.  I know this project may seem to possess similar origins to Aetherlight, but I have no wish to compete with them.  I grew up, loving the concept of Japanese mecha.  At that point, the two games divide.

I start to address battle abilities for ScorpiBot and Saphirel to pass the time.  Hopefully, the next release carries a few of them.  In that way, the game will not just have each waiting a few seconds to smack each other.  I think I will add an Abilities button to the future welcome screen, becoming necessary to choose something before granting a battle opportunity.  After that, I would like to add a choice of distributing experience.

Thank you for taking your limited time to read this!