Cycle 5 Update

I have not found a solution with Google yet that would allow for free downloads of save files that affect all platforms.  It seems to extend to Google’s Play Store only.  The same seems to extend to Apple’s App Store, even though I am not supporting it at this time.

The best solution so far would apply to saving progress online upon this very server.  While I do not intend on forcing the feature upon anyone, it would prove as a nice thing on my side if I do not have to write the same thing multiple times.  If I can, I try sticking to the old Java motto of “Write once, run anywhere”.  Spring appears to offer a solution in that regard.  For privacy reasons of anyone involved, I heavily prefer to NOT store any passwords or other touchy items on this server.  Instead, I would like to use “tokens”.  As an example, the concept includes that a person already logged into a Google account would automatically gain access to saving game files.  It would still require permission on a player’s side to even allow such a thing.  In the example, Google asks the password, not this server that sent you this page you now read.  OAuth 2.0 seems to support that, and Spring makes use of that advantage.

On a different topic, I have been making good use of AutoEye and Auto-Rig.  I will probably show off some work in a future update.  I need to learn a bit about “censorship” for the female models, so I am working slowly in that area.  The idea still focuses upon capturing images from 3D and then introducing them into the game environment as 2D.  LibGDX excels very much with 2D stuff in that regard.

Again, thanks for reading!