And Yet the Weirdness Continues …

Yes, it is another release!  While the Android build can be found by clicking this site’s Project Download button above, I will re-post it:

For Android on Google Play

That is right!  It is not in Beta Status!  ( … Like I really knew what you were thinking, right?  After all, this is just text.)  I did not reach all the goals for this cycle of builds, but this consisted as one of the main ones.  It stands sort of as the shining “prototype” of all my efforts for this round, but what about the other major one I finally got into?

AppImage!  This stuff allows a full slew of files to finish their normal business, but it packages them all into a single file instead!  It kind of works like a Windows .EXE file, yet it has none of the .DLL mess that goes everywhere.  While an AppImage can possibly work with MacOS, my build just functions on Linux.  For those of you with Linux, the normal rules apply for making something correctly run in your preferred environment.

The other star of my show goes to the “Ability Test” buttons in the bottom right of the game-screen.  If you press a button about two to three times, it will come up with a random animation of something likely pink or blue with a slight touch of electricity.  Clicking a button repeatedly will only affect that particular button and not any of the others.  I might add more powerful abilities during one of the animations, but that leads to my final point…

The “game” still does not play much like a game.  I keep adding pretty stuff.  While putting in “damage numbers” remains quite easy, I would like to do much more than simply that.  I am also still messing with the temporary file-saving.  I have gotten to the point where the app does not crash or lock up on any device platform when saving.  However, since battles now pick up where they left off, the game may continue straight to a completed battle and just stay there.  Thankfully, because the software still lets you mess with the various features and animations, I decided anyway to push this release.  (I like the word still, especially with italics.)

I hope you enjoy my work, and as usual, thanks for reading!