Successful Migration to Android Through Google Play

You can access the “Beta Testing” version of the project by the following link:

The game has not approached “true” beta status, but instead, it shows the reflection of safety found in Google’s protection of its customers.  Normal searching through Google Play will not find the software, because it remains un-finished.  While my description of the software on Google Play lacks much in detail, that should alter after Cycle 4 wraps up.

I must admit, I have a lot to learn when dealing with 3D graphics.  I have maintained a balance between coding the game and learning the intricacies of Blender.  The picture below shows the head I continue with in my practicing.  The source originates at Blender Market from BGShop.

Yes, the single “hair strand” looks funky!  Apparently, changing the structure of such a “bezier” shape requires a bit of setup.  I have not finalized the decision, but I might make the cartoonish hair unique to Sylveria and realistic hair representative of Saphirel.  It would serve the purpose of learning.

Finally, my most recent progress furthers with adding special effects to the ability buttons.  Since I have limited resources when concerning “screen space”, I wish to add more flair that contributes to a player’s button choices.  Also, if you desire, you can find the current selections of music by pressing the Pause button located in the lower-left of the battle screen.  This option reveals itself when playing the game, of course.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a good day!