Progress Toward Google Play

The Android build now comes in two separate files:  the main file that launches everything and its expansion.  I added support to the Android side for properly recognizing the expansion file, which holds collections of both animations and sounds.  Google places limits on an app’s size, but for the game, the available space remains fine.

Google provides a “Downloader Library” that intelligently downloads the larger file.  I presently need to include that library as a core part of the software.  It stands as my next goal to achieve.

I also spent some time scoring progress with Blender as well, but I honestly have quite a distance to go.  As just a test, I was able to take the items below…

… And make them into this image below.


The second image looks more realistic with the lighting, but it comes at a cost of the flat circle’s original details.  While I am not currently sure how to mediate that problem, the modifications for the change consisted of black, white, and various grays.  I thought it might look weird if I made hair glow like the sphere in the pictures.  Anyhow, these make up some of my hobby’s results.

Thank you for your spent time.