Slowly Under-going Progress with Android

I have successfully added the ability for this project to communicate with the Android operating system for handling phone calls during a battle sequence, among other things.  I will most likely need to adjust the code in parts as other features get smashed cozily into the project, like upgrading characters and roaming the insides of an explorable level.  I still need to add a Button to the “Sound Test” window, which will probably under-go a name change, for erasing the temporary “save game” that gets created after the software commits to an exit or pause.  For the moment, the battle sequence continues properly beyond just when interrupted.

In further regard to Android, I have to move a bunch of the visual resources, like explosions and music, into a separate file for downloading, so that the primary file will remain small enough for Google Play.  For this project’s size,  Google Play allows the storing of a “relatively” large amount of resources into a secondary object, which they call an APK Expansion file.  However, the main file, which focuses on the contents that fuel the core of the game’s operation, must maintain a small size limit just below 100 MB.  While LibGDX makes the process easy for adapting the APK Expansion file to the Android side of the software, I personally require learning  new things, so that this project can understand what the insides of an un-compressed ZIP file looks like, which mainly makes up the Android packages.

Anyway, I have lots of ideas, and on this particular Cycle, I desire to develop mainly visual art.  Since I have not recently exercised that muscle, I aspire to adjust a 3D model through Blender.  You can view the link I am working with HERE for learning the creation of hair in this portion of my journey.  I never before thought that “bezier curves” could serve something in a way so interesting!!!

Thanks for your time!