Transitioning to Cycle 4

Everything I can think of that I set out to do for Cycle 3 has been completed.  As part of the transition to this next Cycle, I again will need to gather what core points I would like to focus on.  While last Cycle included the addition of Android support, I still need to add the feature of pausing for when the Android operating system calls for it.  The “Pause” button in the bottom left of the game itself allows the player to manually stop the game action and allows for the experience of a few upcoming features.  However for example, if a phone calls happens, the game will effectively crash on Android.  To my knowledge, this does not pose as an issue on desktop and laptop systems.

I would finally like to focus on art somewhat.  I have some resources for transitioning 3D resources to a 2D model.  I take this path, because I am not completely fluent with human anatomy.  By keeping with a 2D environment, older devices should still maintain reasonable gaming performance.

I would like to put together a skeleton structure for adding upgrades to characters.  I originally intended on using the ‘Gleaned’ music set for this purpose.  I desire a relaxed aria for a moment of strategy.  This music set rests as available when the “Pause” button in the bottom-left corner inside the game becomes pressed.

I also want to build the beginnings of random story encounters.  Key events of the story line will remain the same, but battling “story bosses” would influence the story in different array of ways.  I may also take a similar approach with potentially hostile environments, instead playing out a bit like a board game with the advantage of real-time elements.  In a standard table-top game, each player must wait for his or her turn to participate.

Several other items need reviewing.  While the details listed above in this post will likely survive to make Cycle 4, I must also consider the possibilities of other issues.  The toughest barriers to progress this last Cycle included revising limitations in the code and the previously thriving need to focus on school.  At least for now, school no longer demands attention.  Updates to my goals for this project reside in the Airtable chart, which pulls up from the “Progress Status” button found at the top of this page.

Thanks for your attention span!