Cycle 3 – Complete

I am satisfied with the level of protection on the software for now.  Everything seems smooth so far, and I have yet to find a bug with it.  The tech support at Allatori performed very well at their duties as I requested help.

I will need to post the ready results of Cycle 3 on this site and update the Licensing page for the new songs.  I eventually need to also add the licensing details into the game itself, since the project presently stands mature enough.  While I intend on posting the MacOS version, I can not presently test it.  The Android version of the software will initially arrive on this site and remain available for a time.  My intent includes placing the game on Google Play, but the current file size limit on that service requires that I delay that action for the moment.  I need to break up the game into smaller pieces for a more gradual process of downloading, which I will likely initiate sometime in Cycle 4’s middle.

I would like to entertain more the thoughts of enhancing the art in the game.  The Saphirel and Scorpibot animations carry an age that approach the length of a decade.  It is time for some new stuff!

Thanks for reading!