Battle System Re-design and Other Progress

With Android added to the supported platforms, I quickly face the need for adding a pause feature to the game.  This comes in two flavors:  an ability for the player to pause upon a whim and the capability for the device’s operating system to safely place the software on hold.  For example, the game’s current state will cause accepting a phone call to either crash or reset the software.  I have placed effort already into the process, but I came across a limitation when testing.

As mentioned several posts ago, I introduced ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor.  It works quite well for executing tasks based on the concept of timers, but it does not allow the capacity to monitor whatever existing timers that may previously count down in its queue.  I can still access the job items though.  The system driving the progress bars seems to not express any trouble with my current attempts for pausing.  I would like to mimic the success of the progress bars with the battle system.

I desire to take advantage of the moment and expand the battle system.  As of this posting, it only supports Scorpibot and Saphirel.  I would like to add the capability of handling more than two characters, plus I aim to throw in a dash of randomness towards the notion of who initiates attacking first.  Basically, that comprises the essential idea of “auto-battle”.  I want to roughly personify each character as an object in a list of characters that each possess a timer statistic for tracking “initiative”.  As far as auto-battle goes now, Scorpibot and Saphirel just exchange blows every four seconds.  In other words, I prefer to swap the handling of timers by the ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor to a List of character objects instead.

The game’s download size will increase somewhere under a measure of 100 Megabytes when I eventually post its next version, because I added new music.  This prepares for the slow integration of Sylveria into the software.  Also, the game now randomly chooses from one of three random backgrounds to present for the sequence of battle.  As another added feature, Saphirel’s own health bar keeps track of his survivability.  I put in place a way to check a single opponent’s health, but I intend on later mixing it with an individual test ability of Saphirel to help promote its usage.  I will wrap up Cycle 3 when I obtain successful test results with Allatori as the last step.

Thanks for reading!