Android Conversion Complete and Compatibility Issues with Apple

It took a while, but I finally managed to migrate the project’s code base to also work with Android.  It took some effort to fit the action into smaller screen “real estate”, and the font size still needs some serious attention.  I also obtained a developer’s account with the Google Play Store, so eventually, the Android version will become available on Android phones and tablets.

It might be at least a few months before I can address iOS.  On top of that, the chief leaders of LibGDX, the game frame-work I use for this project, do not currently pursue keeping compatibility with Apple’s new approach to gaming.  In this article, you can read how Apple decided to drop OpenGL in favor of its proprietary solution:  Metal.  Apple never put much effort into keeping it a secret, sort of like how the business refused to invest much into OpenGL.  Apple tends to treasure the proprietary stuff that it owns in much higher regard, and while Metal has the capacity to create both a better and more efficient gaming environment, it sort of isolates Apple systems even further.  Either way, Apple proves repeatedly that it knows how to arouse profit in that specific type of arena.

On the good side, I think I found an open source solution for maintaining compatibility between Android and iOS / MacOS.  I applied this effort for the purpose of building non-gaming software in a professional way.  The Multi-OS Engine, a project of Intel, keeps a valid avenue available by using “native code” instead of keeping a reliance on OpenGL.  While Gluon and Codename One still appear to need OpenGL for Apple stuff, I expect those businesses will adjust as necessary.  I will need to acquire a different Mac for future testing, since a currently supported MacOS stays essential for building iOS software.  I will likely attempt to integrate the Multi-OS Engine with LibGDX in my game project for the future, just for learning’s sake.  While OpenGL remains on MacOS for now, “deprecation” inherently means that it will no longer receive updates.  That includes no longer receiving patches that will help it function should it accidentally stop working.