Cycle 3 – A Few Updates

I decided to review some Kanban stuff, which is meant for keeping things organized for projects.  The idea involves keeping notes under three different categories:  “To Do”, “In Progress”, and “Done”.  I wanted something with a nice web presentation.  Many of the sites I experimented with did not offer this option, though some did have good layouts.  After reviewing 30 or so web sites, I narrowed the choices to and  When I tried a basic layout with Trello on my mobile phone, a rather “large” menu covered most of the screen.  With Airtable on mobile, it instead just groups everything into one large column of different colors.  I have chosen Airtable for now, just because it remains a bit more readable.  You can now find this project’s current progress by clicking the “Progress Status” button in the top menu.

I have migrated the project from the Eclipse IDE to IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.  I tried reasonably to run the project with both Eclipse and Android Studio.  With Gradle, it could work with just Android Studio alone, and I am aware that developers exist who correctly pull off the technique.  Android Studio poses as a unique form of IntelliJ, tweaked by Google.  Either way, I had to give up on Eclipse, and I do not desire to focus on Gradle for Android Studio’s sake.

In some other news, the Android side of the project now works!  The entire project kept hanging on the database part.  I use SQLite in this case.  Android runs well with Java, but the SQLite part of it functions very differently from the Desktop / Laptop side of things.  To get it working, I utilized a recently updated version of SQLDroid to spoof Android into thinking that it could work like Desktop / Laptop.  The secret lays hidden in SQLDroid’s code and not any of my workings, plus it consists of open source stuff if that “floats your boat” in some way.  I still need to fix a bit of code in my project to make the Desktop / Laptop side work again, but it fortunately should not require much.  Lastly, I will need to re-size the animations.  I think it brings in the need for LibGDX Viewports.  I believe that my animation software, Spine, naturally prevents re-sizing in Android, so the characters appear considerably smaller among the other items.

Thanks for your time!