Great!  Now I need to figure out how to fill my time.

I am experimenting with to help organize the mess that can make up a video game.  One major item I desire to test includes converting the project’s current source code to be compatible with Android.  I would need to create a fresh template with the ” gdx-setup.jar ” file from LibGDX.  This project did not originally use that template for the sake of personally comprehending the code better.  I originally tweaked the Super Spineboy example from Esoteric Software as this project’s starting point, pulling animation resources from this project’s really old Lua version.

I am considering the process of taking a 3D character inside Blender, converting it into a 2D model along with its skeleton info, and then animating the results with Spine.   I have experimented with a 3D model,  and the Python script for capturing the layout of the bones works with the Rigify add-on of Blender.  However, I lean towards using BlenRig instead of Rigify for the work flow, because it possibly allows a better layout for the model’s skeleton.  The Python script I found might not function with BlenRig, so I will need to test it.  The whole purpose involves the possibility of mixing 2D with 3D for battle scenarios.  I have the models I want, but I am focusing on the male version for the present time.