Java 10 Compatibility

This project mostly utilizes Java 8 , and according to Oracle, security updates for that version will cease about the time January 2019 arrives.  On March 20, Java 9 reached “End of Life” right as Java 10 freshly came out.  Java 10 will receive security updates for 6 months, more or less.

My experiments mixing Java 10 with the software demo encountered no issues.  From observation only, the loading times in Windows nearly halved, but I gave no attempt to accurately measure results.  Loading times in Linux appeared the same.  My operating systems of choice rely on the OpenJDK from Azul Systems for now.  Also,  Allatori  worked fine.

One of the reasons I chose Java as my programming language of choice involves its excellent “backwards compatibility”.  So far, it holds up well.  I have a couple of documents left to finish for school, so I would like to resume my slow progress with this hobby of mine.  Thanks for reading!